JSP Solution with over 30 years of servicing in Japan, it's finally here in the USA!

Humans & Robots
 working side by side,
the Future is NOW!

Fully Automatic Commercial Delivery Robots!



Fully Automatic & Avoids Collisions

By using the latest AI & Machine learning algorithm along with sensors, cameras, and lidar technology, it avoids collisions and knows exactly where to go!

Say Hi!

AKI & BETTY will smile, wink and even cry depending on how you communicate & interact!

Hi, let's talk!

Voice communication technology enables seem less interaction with humans.
When a task is completed, a voice guidance and touch sensor will activate the next task.
An easy to use touch screen display will let you program where to go in seconds.

Humans & Robots working together.

Are you ready for the future? It's here now.

Besides restaurants, our robots are used in hotels, hospitals, offices and warehouses. Anywhere you need a helping hand carrying and taking things back and forth.

Many happy customers!

Fukuoka, Japan

Japanese Restaurant

Nagoya, Japan

Yakiniku (BBQ) Restaurant

kumamoto, Japan

Public Library

Miyazaki, Japan

Yakiniku (BBQ) Restaurant

Specs & Details

50 x 50 x 120 cm
20 in x 20 in x 4 ft
50 kg (110 lb)
Battery life:
10 hrs
Load capacity:
22 lbs per shelf
(66 lbs total)
Life time use:
5 yrs
Incline (max):
5 degrees
Max speed:
1 m/s
3.3 ft/s (40 in/s)
Recharge time:
4 hrs
Standby power: 
less than 0.5 A
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JSP Solution has helped restaurants & businesses for over 30 years transform their workplace to automation.

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